Cheviot Area Trails

Cheviot Area Trails

Cheviot Area

133 km - 1-2 days

Cheviot has numerous great biking options from the sealed road through to Gore Bay and Port Robinson, to remote shingle roads through farmland and outrageously good scenery.


Cheviot Coastal Classic 

30km, 3 hours

A dramatic coastal circuit that leaves from Cheviot following the beautiful Gore Bay road to the beach. This is a rugged surf beach that is friendly enough for swimming and home to many holiday houses.

A steep climb beyond the beach is rewarded with great views of the coast and the clay Cathedrals. The road then meanders around Port Robinson and climbs again before descending to the Hurunui River Mouth.

Turn left for a  4 km detour to the Hurunui River Mouth, otherwise turn right onto the Hurunui River Road and bike up to Domett on SH1. Turn right to return to Cheviot.

If you are on a mountain bike, you can return along the Old Main Road next to the Mainline Station. This is a 10 km gravel road that travels around the back of Cheviot, past the golf course, and returns to Cheviot along Mina Road.

A longer ride on gravel roads crosses the Hurunui River bridge near the river mouth and continues south to Nape Nape beach, or all the way through to SH1 at Stoneyhurst, 65 kms south of Cheviot.

This gravel road continues all the way through to Motunau and Greta Valley for another 90 km.

Cheviot – Leamington Valley circuit

35 km, 3/4 hours

A rural adventure through the rolling farmland behind Cheviot. From Cheviot follow Rolleston Street (Cheviot 4 Square) onto Ward Road and turn left onto Munro Road. Take the first right onto Sinclair Road (gravel road).

Bike through beautiful rolling farmland until Downs Road. Turn left here and bike on to Leamington Road which follows the scenic Leamington Valley.

Turn left onto Munro Road (sealed)(Munro Road sign missing but it is at the T intersection with Lemaington Road signs) and climb out of the valley to return to Cheviot via Ward Road.

This circuit can be made longer by turning right onto Phoebe Road (gravel) from Downs Road. Continue north until reaching Waiau West road.

Either turn right to reach SH 1 at Spotswood or turn left until reaching the northern end of Leamington Road and continue on the circuit.

For a much longer ride, continue south on Leamington Road through the Lowry Hills Range.

The road turns into Eggleston Road. Follow this until turning left onto Kaiwara Road (you will bike past the turnoff to Random Spur which will take you back to Cheviot over this public paper road that runs through a working farm. Please leave gates as you find them).

When Kaiwara Road meets Ethelton Road, turn left and finish at SH1 at the Hurunui River bridge.

Random Spur Road (unsealed)  

12km, 1 hour

This public paper road offers a good steady hill climb from Cheviot to a summit with outstanding views over the Hurunui River, Lowry Hills Range, and Cheviot Basin.

From Cheviot, follow Seddon Street (which turns into Mina Road) until it reaches the railway line. Cross this onto Brophys Road and carry on through to Random Spur Road.

The road is signposted and there is a set of cattle yards at the start of the road (please don’t park in front of these). This 12 km four-wheel drive track is easy to follow, and at the top, you can detour up to the trig overlooking the Hurunui and Cheviot basin.

Otherwise, follow the road as it plateaus out across the tops before going through the Glenoya boundary gate and descending down to the Ethelton Valley road. This is a working farm, and there may be gates to open and some curious livestock.

Please leave gates as you found them and stay on track. Parts of this farm are highly electrified!

Once down on the Ethelton Road, either turn left and follow the gravel road which eventually leads onto SH1 just north of the Hurunui River Bridge (12 km), or turn right and ride the Kaiwara Valley Road through to Culverden.

Random Spur is well gravelled on the eastern side, and is less maintained and grass-covered on the western side.

Kaiwara Road (unsealed)

43km, 4 hours

This public four-wheel-drive road traverses the Lowry Hills to Culverden Basin. Take the Ethelton Road off SH1 just north of the Hurunui River Bridge. This road turns into Kaiwara Road at the intersection with Cat Hill Road.

Follow Kaiwara Road until the stone wall marking the entrance to the Kaiwara Valley. There is a hill climb at the start before descending into the stunning rocks, native bush and farmland of the Kaiwara Valley.

There are several fords to cross but they are often dry. Unless you have arranged transport from Culverden, you will need to return the way you came. This is a working farm so please leave gates as you find them and keep an eye out for stock.

This ride can be combined with the Random Spur Road. The annual 43 km Lions Kaiwara Classic in February starts in Culverden and finishes in Cheviot, following the Kaiwara and Random Spur Roads.

For more info on this event, click here.

Cheviot Hills Reserve and Ready Money Trail (unsealed)

1.2km, 30min

Walk/ride from Cheviot town centre to the reserve (1.2 km) along Gore Bay road (there is a track alongside the road). A shingle road travels through the reserve until it meets SH 1 just south of Cheviot. A dedicated off-road path leads back to Cheviot.

Ready Money Trail

3km, 1 hour

It is a purpose-built trail within the reserve that provides 3 km of undulating benched track for walkers and mountain bikers. The trail passes through magnificent woodlands, historic sites and in spring, a carpet of daffodils.

There is a lookout at the western end of the trail for views over the Cheviot basin.

Trail Map