The Challenge of a hot summer

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The Challenge of a hot summer

The Hurunui is as they say, bone dry. With the summer fire season well upon us, please be aware of all local track closures.

In Hanmer Springs, as of Thursday 14 Feb, all tracks north of Jollies Pass Rd are closed, the dtails are:

Clarence Valley Road (at point of exit from village) and Jollies Pass Road (the loop road from historic hotel site to Clarence Valley Road) is closed, therefore access to motorized vehicles (including trail bikes etc) is prohibited until further notice. Access is still possible for walkers, cyclists or horse riders but they must remain on road and not enter the track network immediately north of Hanmer Springs. 
Residents, workers and concessioners that operate in the area are still permitted in vehicles and should have an access key already for this purpose. Any permitted person that does not have a key should contact me to arrange this. The St James Great Ride remains open for all. See the DoC website for further information on the conservation areas…/…/canterbury/alerts/

All network tracks immediately north of the village through HDC, DoC and forestry land will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 14th February 2019. This includes Conical Hill Walkway and the Woodlands Pond area. Trails in the Heritage Forest and the Hanmer Basin Trail (from Rogerson Rd to Woodbank Road, along the Chatterton River) remain open however the situation will be reviewed daily. Dog Stream Reserve, Brook Dawson Reserve and Tarndale Reserve all remain open.