The St James Horse Muster

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The St James Horse Muster

Notification from DOC North Canterburry:

St James horse muster 25 – 28 January

This is the advise you of the biennial muster of the St James horses for the sale at the St James homestead on Saturday 30 January.

Sometime between Monday 25th and Thursday 28th January, about 30 St James horses will be mustered over Maling Pass Track and along Tophouse Road to the St James Homestead paddocks.  

Expect the track and road to be closed to all public access for up to 4 hours sometime on one of these days. Due to the horses’ unpredictable nature and the weather, it is not possible to give a specific time when this will occur.

These semi-wild horses are easily spooked and can panic in unfamiliar situations. The musterers are skilled and experienced at handling these horses – please do not get in their way and be prepared to stop and follow their directions if requested.

We apologise for any inconvenience, however if everyone cooperates this will be a quick operation with minimal stress on the horses.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Ensor
Community Ranger 
027 542 8652